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About Us

Noel Signing Yemele is the brain behind After many years creating learning and teaching materials, I realized how useful these resources were to teachers and parents across the globe. Passionate about helping and sharing these resources, I decided to put them together on a platform which can be accessible to a wider audience. It is with this vision that I created this website; I continue to increase different sections of the site as the days go by. Feel free to share your ideas with us and do not hesitate to send us feedback on any aspect of the site.

Jude Mphoweh N. contributed in the technical aspects and structure of the website. With over 9 years as an educational blogger, his insights were useful at every stage.

Sandeep Nehra was the webmaster for this project. He did the design and layout of the content on the site. He is a WordPress expert who has created several successful websites for clients across the globe.