Cool Math Games for kids Grade 1 to 6

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Multiplication Math Games Online

Multiplication and division math games for children from grade 2 to grade 6 online  zombie games.

Division Math Games Online For Children

Practice division math skills by playing this zombie math games, pick your grade and select the division math skill

Welcome to Math4Champions is a content rich math website that aims to put together the most refined and tested math activities for k-7 learners. It features a collection of interactive online games and quizzes and offline practice materials like printable worksheets and puzzles. The contents of this site are arranged according to grades and topics for easy navigation. Resources on this website are all free and always available; hence feel free to share on any platform. Answer keys are available under every category making our resources easy to use. Check out more math activities Here

Introduce your kids to basic math concepts like counting up to three, recognizing shapes, finding position of objects, comparing, classification, money, patterns and more
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Take basic math skills one step further by teaching kids how to count above three, read and write time on clocks, measurements, addition subtraction, comparisons and more.
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1st Grade:
In this grade students will learn several skills seen earlier and taken a level up. Featuring are activities on data and graphs, measurement, spatial sense, mixed operations, estimation etc.
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2nd Grade:
Review varied second grade math skills with the quizzes and worksheets offered in this level. It features activities on even and odd numbers, subtracting and adding two digit numbers, logic.
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3rd Grade:
Reinforce skills learned prior to this level and more with math activities on: data and graphs, solving division problems, geometry, units of measurement, properties, mixed operations & more.
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4th Grade:
Follow the links here to unlock a wealth of grade 4 math activities. Features online games, tests and worksheets on algebra I & II, geometry, estimation and rounding, functions, logic and more.
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5th Grade:
Integrate math skills learned in previous grade with new skills that will serve for 5th grade and beyond. Featuring are quizzes and printable materials on varied math topics.
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6th Grade:
Math activities are a bit more advanced than the previous levels. Students will be challenged by new and old concepts earlier learned but which warrant a degree of critical thinking.
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